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Iain Scott and David Chapman have been hailed as Scotland's hottest new musical talent - Scocha (pronounced as in Nova Scotia)

The Hawick based band has been working together for the past five years, although they have known each other for many years. Their joint musical career began when they were regularly heard singing in local pubs after-hours!

Their fame has increased tremendously over the past couple of years. Initially they were invited to the odd rugby dinner and then began the Burns Supper circuit, and small gigs in village halls. They were then approached by Border Television and asked to contribute to a series about the Border clan families. They were booked to provide one song for the series, but the Director was so impressed that he asked Scocha to record the theme song for the whole series. The song, ' The Rolling Hills of the Borders' has since become their signature tune and something of an anthem for the Scottish borders.

When a second series of 'Clans' was made, Scocha were in all 6 of the programmes and a video featuring them was released due to popular demand! They then appeared in the third series of 'Clans' which was recently broadcast on Border TV.

As a result of their popularity in 'Clans', their debut CD was released in 2001. The CD features traditional border ballads, many of which were saved from obscurity by Scocha and are performed in their unique and energetic way. The sales of their first CD 'Bordering on...' have amazed them and they are constantly being asked when the next one is due out. They had hoped it would sell well, but never anticipated such huge demand. 'Bordering On..' is now the best selling locally produced CD in the Borders ever. It has also been selling all over the world via the Internet as has their video 'Songs of the Border'. Scocha have their own website at check it out to find out more about the talented twosome!

Iain and David are very proud of their border origins. Music has always played a great part in their lives especially with the Hawick common riding featuring so prominently in the year. More recently Scocha have featured on BBC Scotlandís, 'Inside Scotland' programme. They are currently working on material for their next CD. The band has also written and recorded an anthem for the new Borders rugby team, which they perform live at all home matches. They regularly perform at rugby matches all over the country. They are regularly joined on stage by their great friend and brilliant bass player Phil Clayton.

More recently the band had the honour of performing for Prince Charles at a charity event at Floors Castle. The prince thoroughly enjoyed the performance and mentioned that he would have loved to stay longer to listen to this 'marvellous' band.... praise indeed! Another amazing gig was performed in the centre of Manchester for BBC Live Events earlier this year. Regular appearances at the Border Gathering in Dumfries have helped to gain hundreds of new fans over the past 4 years.

The appeal of Scocha is tremendous. It is their musical talent and beautiful harmonies combined with humour and friendly banter which keep their audiences enthralled. They have the ability to bring traditional Scottish music to audiences of all ages. Through their music, they are introducing the young to the culture and history of the borders and keeping alive the memories of the older generations. Scocha go from strength to strength and their next album will be testament to how far they have come.

Click here to visit Schocha's Web Site for more information!

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