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Otter Mother with Cub Shetland Islands Scotland

Along the coastline of the Shetland Islands we come across an otter mother with her cub who is playfully resting upon its mom's back. The Shetland Islands is home to numerous otters who are a very popular attraction to wildlife enthusiasts who love to see them fishing, resting and playing along the shoreline. The Shetland otters have a semiaquatic lifestyle, adapted to living on both the land and water. The otters living in the Shetland Islands like to hunt for fish along the saltwater coastline. The otters then rinse off their fur coats by visiting sources of fresh water.

If you plan on visiting the Shetland Islands in the future, be sure to spend some time to watch and enjoy the playful antics of the Shetland otters, and if possible, take some photos of them, we would love to see more photos of the Shetland otters and share them with our web site visitors to enjoy viewing.