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Scottish Red Squirrel looking for Nuts

A photo of a Scottish Red Squirrel with tufty ears surveying the ground for nuts to eat. In the past the red squirrel was commonly found throughout the UK, but with the introduction of its non-native cousin the grey squirrel to its habitat, the population of red squirrels has been in major decline in recent decades. The red squirrels face serious competition for food from the grey squirrels who also pose a threat of spreading a disease called squirrelpox to the Scottish red squirrels.

Thankfully there is help for the Scottish Red Squirrels through an organization called Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels whose goal is to ensure that red squirrels continue to thrive and live in Scotland. Through the assistance of partners and volunteers, Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels is able to monitor the squirrel population throughout Scotland and help slow the growth of grey squirrels in certain areas.

For more information about Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels and how you can become involved in helping the red squirrels be sure to visit Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels web site at